• Hymns and Music can make the funeral service very personal to you


    At Bedford, Kettering and Northampton Crematoriums there will be a live organist to play hymns for you.

    However if you would like music played, be that popular or traditional, then please speak with us as each crematorium deals with these requests in different ways.

    Please do not pay for downloads or create your own C.D.s as this option may not be available to you at your chosen Crematorium. Just tell us your choice of track and artist and then we will organise things from there.

    When researching music to be played please note that not all tracks on YouTube are available on commercial release and so may not be available.

    If you are having a church service then your minister will take care of the music arrangements. Please keep us informed as we might need to provide our own C.D. player etc.

    If you are unsure of the words to a hymn or need to check the tunes available you can click here for help.