• Wellingborough Crematorium

  • Nene Valley Crematorium                        Open Day Saturday 30th September 10.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m.

    305 Doddington Road Wellingborough NN8 2PN

    Manageress:- Tracey Lawrence



    The Service Chapel

    The crematorium has one service chapel which seats 120 and uses the "Wesley" music system to provide for Hymns and Music.

    This is a modern building and opened for it's first cremation on 15th September, 2016.

    Services are up to 40 minutes. There can be a service in this chapel every hour. You can book a double time if you would like a longer service.



    To access the Nene Valley Crematorium music library click here. (note venue search is Nene Valley Crematorium)

    If you can't find the track you are looking for click here to access the full "Wesley" central library.

    All choices of hymns / music can only be booked through us. Please call 01933 312142.


    Cremated Remains / Ashes

    There will be a variety of options available to inter and scatter cremated remains at the crematorium.

    More details will be given as these facilities become available.


  • "A tranquil setting that respects and accommodates the wishes and needs of all our community"