• Funeral Costs

  • Understanding Funeral Expenses


    Fixed cost packages available from £1695.00 see details below


    Our "Traditional Funeral Service" from £2725.00.


    This includes collection of the deceased 24 hours a day to our chapels of rest (distance up to 75 miles), traditional coffin, hearse and pall bearers, home visit to make funeral arrangements (if preferred), chapel of rest visits, supply of funeral gown or dressing in own clothes, collection of funeral charitable donations and our 24 hour personal support.

    We will ensure you have a suitable appointment with the local registrar of deaths or help you understand what to do if the coroner needs to be involved.

    You will have full control of the day and time of the funeral (subject to availability) ~ you tell us what is best for you.

    If you would like an alternative coffin we have many choices with a variety of cost. For example our Norwich (panelled veneered coffin in oak or mahogany is £575.00 and a bespoke solid oak coffin £925.00). There are many other coffin types in between these costs.

    If you call us 24 hours a day you will get an experienced funeral director to offer immediate guidance from our team in Rushden, usually Jonathan or Michael is available to you. No question asked is silly to us, we want you to be in control of the arrangements and have funeral choices explained clearly.

    On top of our costs you will have some third party expenses. They may include the cost of a church (£375.00) or minister or civil celebrant (£210.00), council fees for a grave purchase (£650.00 ~ Rushden Cemetery) etc. or indeed crematorium costs which do vary considerably. Kettering Crematorium charges £860.00 with a live organist, Wellingborough Crematorium charges £899.00 but no organist. If cremation is chosen then there may well be additional costs of around £164.00 for the production of doctors cremation paperwork which is payable to GP's or hospital doctors.

    We will ensure that these costs are paid to the correct authorities.

    We will also help you choose the local crematorium that offers the best services for you and costs at that time.

    We can provide you with a written list of the proposed full costs for a funeral at any time and we will always give you clear options when arranging a funeral.

    Remember with the traditional funeral service you do not need to find any money up front, we will simply raise an invoice after carrying out your wishes.


    How to reduce costs


    Not everyone would like or need the full traditional funeral service and look for a more simple arrangement. To help with this and reduce funeral costs we can provide either a "simple cremation service package£3200.00* or "direct cremation package£1695.00.


    The ALL INCLUSIVE FIXED PRICE "Simple Funeral" package £3100.00

     (Funeral Director costs £1866.00 + expected third party costs £1234.00 Total £3100.00)


    This would include all our professional fees for the care of your relative, staffing, coffin bearers and premises :  chapel of rest (office hours Mon - Fri ~ 9.00 a.m. -5.00 p.m. only) : simple coffin : hearse : collection of deceased within a 25 mile radius of Rushden (within office hours) a greater distance or if out of hours may attract additional expense : celebrant/minister fees up to £210.00: doctors fees up to £164.00 : crematorium fees*

    (A. Abbott & Sons reserve the right to choose the day and time of funeral ~ and subject to availability)

    No other services can be added to this "Simple" Arrangement. It is designed to assist families with keeping costs down whilst providing a personal, dignified funeral service. The hearse will travel directly to the crematorium and meet you there.

    *This is based on a cremation at Kettering Crematorium and paying a standard fee to the celebrant/minister and doctor.

    (The cost can also be reduced if doctors fees and not required).

    Deposit of 50% is due at time of making arrangements.

    Cremated remains can be returned to you.

    You can also use this option if you are making a DWP funeral support claim. Please just ask for details ~ we are here to help.

    We will always provide you with a full estimate and explanation of expenses at our first meeting to ensure that you keep control of the potential costs. We don't want you to have any surprise after the funeral.


    The ALL INCLUSIVE FIXED PRICE "Direct Cremation" package  £1695.00


    This would include all our professional fees for the care of your relative, staffing, premises : simple coffin : suitable vehicle to transport coffin directly to the crematorium (not the hearse) : collection of deceased with 25 mile radius of Rushden within office hours (a greater distance and/or if out of hours will attract additional expense) : doctors fees up to £164.00 : cremation fee

    With this option there is no chapel of rest facility at all : strictly no one to attend the crematorium : strictly no service at the crematorium : no cortege facilities. The coffin will be taken from our premises directly to the crematorium on the day and time that we choose. We also reserve the right to choose the crematorium used.

    (A. Abbott & Sons will choose the day and the time of the cremation ~ and subject to availability)

    Full payment for this option is due at the time of making the arrangements.

    Cremated remains can be returned to you.


    We reserve the right to amend the details of these arrangements and costs from time to time without notice.


    We want you to choose a funeral service that is right for you. If you are unsure of your options then please ask.


    We are here to help and support you.